Interior visit to the mine

For safety reasons, entry is restricted to a small group of visitors who, equipped with their holster, gloves, minign self-rescue (self-contained breathing apparatus for emergency cases) and safety lamp, drill coal, drill galleries or travel by trains that sometimes run under mountains, more than a kilometer depth from the surface. Given the conditions of the visit, access is limited to the fulfilment of certain physical conditions.

Sotón offers a long visit of five/six hours and a shorter one of two/three hours.

A walk in the bowels of the earth

Before entering the mine, visitors will change clothes, receive a safety briefing and be provided with a mining light and self-rescue equipment.

It will be time to get to the shaft where using the cage the visitors will get down to the mine.

Outside the visitor will see the engine room, the shipper’s cabin, the communication systems used with the interior of the mine and the train tracks (rail yard).

The underground visits will be carried out along the current 8th, 9th and 10th levels of Sotón Mine at a depth of approximately 386 to 556m with respect to the surface. The adventure is a unique experience that has already become a reference for tourism in Asturias.