Sotón Escape, become a miner

Enjoy the adventure of being part of a mining team. Test yourself and try to complete the mission, always together with your colleagues.

You can come alone and be part of the team that is created or reserve the whole game for a single team, which must have a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 10.

The escapes are aimed at the public in particular and we also have various packages for companies.

Phone number: +34 985 66 19 44 


An authentic mining experience

Ninety minutes of play to solve puzzles with skill and dexterity. Sotón Escape is a different story set in an industrial environment.

Sotón Escape is not an ordinary escape, it takes place at the Sotón old shower house, where the participants become a work relief of miners and have to solve the mission to get out all together, like good companions. All at once!

The duration is also special, 90 minutes of play, 90 minutes to work in a team, to check your skills, to discover roles and above all to ENJOY!