Surface visit to mine facilities

As a novelty this season, Pozo Sotón includes in its offer an extensive guided tour at surface at Pozo Sotón, the toru has been equipped with mining landmarks for the occasion. The visitor will tour part of the mining facilities and learn about different machines and tools used in mining.

During the tour, the guides will explain the different exploitation methods used in the more than one hundred years of history of Sotón Mine. During their walk, tourists will have the feeling that the HUNOSA miners have taken the undergroung mine out to the surface so that they can get to know it without getting underground, feeling the mine with less difficulty.

Equipped with a helmet, lamp, gloves, mask and a card that will be essential to start the visit, visitors will tour the warehouse and the lamping room, where they will be given the equipment, and then discover the history of the mine and its architecture: its two headframes, the metal structure that joins them or réter and the building of the powerhouse and the union offices, a set that constitutes a true cathedral of mining, together with the mining environment of the coal region, allows the visitor to know one of the most complete ecosystems that exist on the Industrial Revolution in the world.

Pozo Sotón

The industrial walk will take the visitor to the boarding area, where photos with the reserve cage are allowed, continuing to the workshop and to the post-mining offices, a 1946 building that had a kitchen, a dining room, a shower house and rooms with bunk beds. Obviously, the Engine House (hoist) is a obliged stop in the tour; place to learn about the work of the extraction engineer.

Outside, different undergroung mining methods will be reviewed in six didactic galleries created to help understanding the mining works. After the visit the participants will know what are a chimney, a headboard, a strip, racks, ramps, the “chulana” support method, the “chapeo”, the “bocarrampla”, the gallery advance, the drill, the scraper, the tresillones, a St. Andrew’s cross, etc, etc. Also the visitor will attend to the simulation of an advance shot and see a sharing machine in operation.

Throughout the visit, production areas will be accessed that have industrial and mining facilities and elements that may hinder the movement of people. All the visitors must be awared during the visit to the obstacles that may be present on the floor or walls.

The exterior route is subject to the inclemency of the weather, so there may be conditions of cold or heat, air, humidity that may make the circumstances of the visit harder.

The tour is not adapted for people with reduced mobility. There are stretches of track rails and unevenness on the ground, as well as uneven ground surfaces, so the use of comfortable footwear is recommended. During the visit it is compulsory to wear a safety helmet, which will be provided at the beginning.

The visit will be guided by HUNOSA staff and will consist of a small group of visitors. The number of people may be increased depending on the availability of HUNOSA staff.

Therefore, participation in the visit requires that the visitor meets some basic physical requirements.

  • It is strictly forbidden to introduce food at the visit.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • During the visit it is compulsory to wear a safety helmet, which will be provided at the beginning of the visit.
  • The use of comfortable footwear is recommended.

Schedules and fees

The surface visit lasts approximately one and a half hours. There are two visits a day from Monday to Saturday, first one at 9.30 am and second one at 11.30 am.

  • Adults (+16 years old): 7 €.
  • Children (from 5 to 16 years old): 4€.
  • Children under 5 years old: free.

BIC Visit

Elements catalogued as Asset of Cultural Interest (Bien de Interés Cultural – BIC).

Every Tuesday of the year (except holidays) two shifts, first one at 10:30 am and second one at 12:00 pm. To book call +34 630 119 642 (from 8am to 2pm Tuesday to Friday).